While first-generation immune-oncology therapies for non-solid tumors, such as checkpoint inhibitors and CAR-T procedures represent a remarkable therapeutic advance, solid tumors remain harder to treat, primarily due to the complex and interconnected tumor microenvironment (TME).

Enlivex has discovered a proprietary “immune checkpoint” pathway for solid tumors, which is activated through the engulfment of Allocetra™.

Solid Tumors
Solid Tumors

Allocetra™ is being developed as an adjunctive “immune checkpoint” therapy to CAR-T, TCRs, and any other solid cancer agents.

Clinical outlook for treatment of solid tumors
The data from our extensive preclinical studies shows that the Allocetra cells, which have shown robust safety profile in the clinic, have not only caused a major increase in duration of survival compared to standalone CAR-T treatment, but also the ability to offer complete remission for some of those preclinical subjects.