Universal, off-the-shelf cell therapy

Allocetra™ is an innovative immunotherapy that is being developed to reprogram macrophages,
which were negatively reprogrammed by certain diseases out of their homeostatic state.



Mononuclear cells collected
from healthy donors


Cells modification


Modified through a proprietary
process to express “eat me”
signal (PtdSer) on their surface,
while maintaining an intact membrane




Triggering engulfment into
macrophages via binding to BAI,
TIM4, and stabilin 2, annexin V

allocetra Activated macrophage

allocetra Homeostatic macrophage

Clinical focus

Our clinical development programs focus on treating solid tumors, sepsis
and COVID-19. Our most advanced product candidate, Allocetra™ was developed
for the reprogramming of diseased macrophages in patients with sepsis
or COVID-19, and has demonstrated positive safety, tolerability and efficacy
in several clinical trials. We plan on initiating clinical trials of Allocetra™
in solid cancer patients during 2021.

Clinical experience
Extensive pre-clinical data
Clinical experience
Rich pipeline of registration studies targeting conditional marketing approval
Clinical experience
3 primary indications

Recent Publications