Macrophage homeostasis implies proper function for its specific tissue, environment and challenge

Reprogramming imbalanced macrophage populations can lead to disease resolution
Macrophages’ function is a sum of their designation, the local environment in which they reside, and the type of situation or pathogen to which they are exposed. Reprogrammed out of their homeostatic state, macrophages contribute to the pathophysiology of multiple diseases including cancer and various inflammatory disorders.


Allocetra™ immune rebalancing

Allocetra™ is an innovative immunotherapy that is being developed to reprogram macrophages,
which were negatively reprogrammed by certain diseases out of their homeostatic state.

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We reset macrophages into their homeostatic state

Non-homeostatic macrophages
Allocetra™ infusion
Macrophage feeding
Macrophages reset
Homeostasis restored

Pipeline of reprogrammable macrophage-modulated indications

  Indication Global
Market Size
Support for EU Conditional
Marketing Approval
Post EU
US Phase 3
Organ failure associated with Sepsis $33B   Completed Multi-country Phase
II ongoing
Q1 2024  
Advanced-stage soild tumors with
peritoneal metastases in
combination with chemotherapy
$4B   Phase I/II
Advanced-stage soild tumors with
peritoneal metastases stand-alone,
+ in combination with anti-PD1
$4B   Phase I/II
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Our Mission

Our mission is to establish new equilibriums that solve complex diseases.

As a clinical-stage company focused on macrophage reprogramming, we intend to develop and commercialize a drug pipeline for macrophage reprogramming in solid cancers, Sepsis, COVID-19 and other indications.

Our pioneering Allocetra™ cell-based therapy breaks with old paradigms, offering to effectively treat numerous acute conditions through a radically different clinical approach.

About us

Strong leadership,
inspired by great science and a sense of mission

Our management, clinical advisors, personnel, and affiliates have extensive knowledge in the research and development of therapies based on macrophage reprogramming.

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